SECTIONS - Cyprus Handicraft Service

The aim of the Cyprus Handicraft Service is the systematic revival of traditional folk art on the basis of modern handicrafts. The Handicraft Centre on Athalassa Avenue in Lefkosia houses experimental workshops in the fields of embroidery, weaving, woodwork, pottery, metalwork, general handicrafts, leatherwork and costume making. Everyday many tourists and locals visit the workshops because they are of special interest and keep our heritage alive.

The development programmes are well diversified and aim at achieving the following targets:

  • Research and study of traditional objects.
  • Study design and creation of new items.
  • Improvement of the items already in production.
  • Experimental work with raw materials and provide techniques.
  • Cooperation and support to craftsmen and small workshops, with emphasis in the rular areas.
  • Training and/or retraining in particular crafts.
  • Promotion of Cyprus handicrafts.

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